Andrew is the Founder
and CEO of Kirsch Group.

Kirsch Group provides security consulting services to support government, corporate and private clients identify and mitigate risk. And leads a multidisciplinary team of practitioners that are professionally certified, and security cleared with unique skills drawn from extensive and diverse intelligence, military, law enforcement, and corporate security backgrounds. KG bring tested methodology, industry best practices, and a wealth of experience to solve for a broad range of complex security challenges.


Threat, Risk and Vulnerability Assessments, Audits and Security Surveys
Private Investigations and Due Diligence Support
Cyber Security and Online Exposure Threat Intelligence
Technical Surveillance Countermeasures (“Bug Sweeps”)

Our Clients

Companies that require third party assessments for due diligence, program reviews and compliance.
Corporate security teams and all levels of Government with capacity or capability gaps in need of support with specialized and unique skills.
Private clients with safety concerns.

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